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We dance on the wafer-thin crust of a glowing gas sphere and we call it the school of eternity. The school itself threatens to become more and more uninhabitable, particularly because of the behavior of its pupils. What is it, by the way, what must be learned here.

Besides everything that we hear and see around us, we seem to be connected to a database that records everything that was once said, felt, written or thought. If our inner receiver, by chance or by will, comes into the vicinity of a sensitive frequency, a knowing, an idea, flashes through our brain. We call it inspiration. The 'giving' seems to be unconditional, while the receiving requires an opening, an expectation, a yearning. If that is not there, which at first is usually the case, then there is only a confusion, a worry, a ripple in our minds.

The trumpet echoes in the spheres in all eternity, but the world continues with the order of the day; a few raise their heads, listen breathless - and for those nothing remains the same. It seems that in reality we exist in the midst of omnipotence, but we cannot even express it to ourselves because we do not have the words and images to give the experience a recognizable format. And we neither have an instrument to discern between illusion and reality. In this way, the delicate impulses of an inner knowing create some swell: the soul wants to live out of it, the ego wants to possess it.

Nevertheless, knowledge, whether conscious or unconscious, is a prerequisite for survival. Roughly speaking, it is a triptych of first – genetics, that is, the transfer of the spirit of the times, people, race, ancestors; second, - intuition, an inner view of what ‘is in the air'; and, finally, everything that is called 'Education'.
Acquiring knowledge and skills, seen from any angle, is called 'learning'. Learning refers to school, education, study, getting the necessary knowledge to function in the earthly existence, by aptitude and wish or out of necessity. For most people the highest reach of this package of lessons is some form of a diploma - with or without the congratulations of the faculty members. Some people, however, also undergo an undefined awareness that is woven as a strange thread into the learning process; a trace of points of contact with that apparently built-in or intuitive knowledge. In itself it is not special; in every person both channels run parallel, albeit with different accents. In this way, a solid anchoring in the material world creates the peace and the receptiveness in our minds to discover and explore the signals of that other channel, that inner living and knowing, in addition to the necessary baggage for the earthly journey. This inner knowing is a wonderful mechanism that can open up at the most unexpected moments a window to unsuspected perspectives. Not just by chance - for it has grown and matured as an inner compass that seeks to express itself. On this path, the always recommended "Man know yourself" is, to the utmost extent, the awakening, the vivification of that inner point of contact. Besides, it is equally recommended to give the emperor what is the emperor’s due. The program is directed at heaven, the class is here on earth. A duality that has its complications, because this double flow on the one hand offers our thinking and acting a harmonious development, but on the other hand it always confronts us with a choice. Does the suggestion, the inspiration, fit in the ordinary earthly scenario, or does it rather scan its limits, perhaps even with a stealthy look to the other side? Initially, we are immediately made aware of who chooses, who is steering our actions so far. Sometimes with a threatening roar at other times with temptations, the earthly powers put all rebellion neatly in line. They cannot do anything else, for it is their job to make people taste all layers and aspects of the earth.

And there are quite a few. Going from an almost paradisiacal experience, to the human being in whom no heavenly light nor earthly pleasures find a tangent point; the man who no longer believes anything, hopes anything, expects anything; he only has one thought: I want to be out of it all.

That is not new either. Even 'from the beginning’, people have been looking to escape from the earthly atmosphere, even though they often do not even know where to go. Dreaming, drinking, drugs, games, drum sessions, virtual worlds - in all possible gradations, ranging from an innocent intoxication, to even the fatal exit. Away, away from this earth, if necessary into the oblivion - without a diploma.

Is this planet that we call our 'school' really habitable? We dance on the wafer-thin crust of a glowing gas-ball that spins around another gas-bomb with a frenzied speed, which in turn is trapped in an even bigger whirligig, with speeds and distances that no man can imagine. Moreover, we are defenselessly dropped into a human-unfriendly world. Too hot, too cold, extremes of day and night and seasons, permanently harassed with diseases and natural disasters. And this doesn’t include the poisonous plants, the predatory animals, and fellow human beings! And do not forget the allergies and the sunscreen! Add all that together, and our equipment should be close to a space suit. But everything is colourfully packed in a paradisiacal setting in which we can catch our breath very briefly between consecutive disasters.

Are we perhaps not really inhabitants of this planet, but rather 'astronauts', dropped somewhere by cosmic Titans, on our way to the stars? On our way - it is clearly in our genes. Traveling, pilgrimages, safaris - we are always on the road to elsewhere, to something different, to places far away, away from the here and now. The eternal Wanderer, on the way to an unknown goal that forever recedes, thus preventing us from 'grounding' again and again. In this way we remain pilgrims, foreigners in our own house. As if an inner knowing reminds us again and again that indeed we do not ultimately belong here. But the capsule that we call 'I' nevertheless has everything in him to finish the 'school' and obtain the diploma. The way to true humanity is hidden in the folds and knots of this impossible world. That so-called database is the eternal source that hears all the questions and gives all the answers, the word that we need at that moment, regardless of whether it comes from earthly or heavenly spheres; the companion which shares with us the highest joys and descends with us into the darkest void. Because the name of that source is 'Love', and love knows no distinction. Such an answer can be something very exalted, or something very ordinary; an exercise that has yet to be made by us.

And some day, when the restless chatter of our own being goes silent, we shall also hear the trumpet, the Voice we have carried within us for so long. And we shall lift our heads, listen, breathlessly - and will set out. Struggling maybe, but unconquerable.


Reference: This article first appeared in Pentagram 2018 number 4

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