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Encounter in different worlds

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As I walk through the streets, my gaze falls time and again on the faces of people I meet. Ever more they are looking at a small rectangular screen. Often I see how the communication and internal emotions are reflected in their faces. In that moment they are living in another world.

We move through layers of worlds. One world in the other. Some we perceive to be external. Others are internal; we create, experience, immerse ourselves or even disappear in them. When I meet you, all these worlds collide in a firework of conscious and unconscious thought and energy.

In this infinite forest of worlds there are those that we have neither created nor are we born with the means to sense them. These realms stretch beyond time and extend beyond space. If humans attempt to grow a root into those realms, to connect, over time they become native to these realms. Their work leaves traces in our world, like footsteps. The traces fade slowly and sometimes they remain for thousands of years. The persons involved in such activity try to work with eternal impulses emanating from the eternal realms. They seek to serve eternity from their lives in time. Over time and with practice, a connection might tenderly grow. Now when two people meet and one of them has tended and grown a root to eternal realms, the other person can receive an impulse too, a sort of subconscious bump. But because it is not an obvious touch, often the living eternity remains unrecognized.

Working as an alchemist

But if eternity is alive in humans, what is their aim, what is their life like, what are they trying to do? They are a normal person in the physical world, just like everyone else. At the same time they try to follow a path illuminated by the light of wisdom. They act as an alchemist working to draw the eternal from the chaotic flow of time, trying to condense it into a “house of wisdom“. To this aim, they build spaces, fields and atmospheres together with others, in which insight, wisdom and love are abundant.

In this house of wisdom meet those of us whose restlessness has driven them to the limit of what they feel they can achieve in the known worlds and realms. We have a longing that drives us to look beyond time and space into the mysterious unknown. The house of wisdom has doors and windows into other realms. Looking through one of them you might be touched by eternity, the realm of everlasting peace and also of ever constant change. Looking back through another one, you will perceive the known, familiar world, the hamster wheel of life and death. The house of wisdom invites us to sit down, relax and adjust. Look around. Get a sense of what it means. Be close to others with similar questions.

Those who stay and live in the house manifest eternity in time. They develop. Changing the places again and again, blossoms of love, knowledge and wisdom open up, which unfold their beauty and fade away again. With time they establish a starting point for others to find the house of wisdom later on. Living in this house, those who have developed inside them a living eternity are "neither human nor are they not". As a human, they can no longer rest but must wander restlessly through the world. As a being carrying the light of wisdom within them, they are involved in an eternal process of growing. They are alchemists. They observe how the streams of eternity blend into the passage of time, forming the zeitgeist. With their living eternity they transmit impulses to help things find their way. As alchemists, they collect the ingredients of the zeitgeist in their retort and set it on a small fire so that everything can circulate gently. While circulating, they extract the eternity from the zeitgeist, concentrating it by slowly separating it from the visible. They offer it to humans as invisible food so they can discover their own eternal potential, to learn who they really are.

In the eye of the hurricane

The ones who experience their full depth, enter a path of eternal growing. They experience life as often resembling a hurricane. As humans we often push forward, our crossing paths causing suffering, and once in a while devastation. But despite its chaos, every hurricane has a center in the eye of the storm that is completely silent. All forces are in absolute balance. Every human being has in its center this eye of the storm where everything comes to rest. It is a space that the exterior world never enters. It is the place where the whole being has fallen silent. From this place of silence emerges everything a person needs in order to live with an eternal soul. As they continually grow in this all-embracing silence, they stand in the eye of the storm ever more firmly, with both feet. Every development in their life is embraced by this orbit of silence. Reaching this state of being, they experience a deep inner change and learn what eternity really is.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to look for and find humans in whom eternity is constantly growing, or to meet them consciously. Nobody knows when and where they are acting and what they are really doing. Their work often becomes visible much later, when they have been freed from the individual human experience. The more of eternity they have brought into their work, the longer its fruits are alive. In contact with another person, you can never know in advance when you interact with the living eternity and when you talk to the person of this world. In Goethe's Faust we read: "You are like the spirit that you understand". To recognize eternity in other human beings is reserved to the one who bears the eternal soul within himself. Therefore, the information always goes from one eternity to another and from one human being to another but between all states of being you find an invisible, mysterious relationship.


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