The eternal soul

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When I find myself full 

of joy or sorrow,

of sensations of pleasure or pain,

of accurate thoughts,

perfect definitions,

definite arguments,

the eternal soul is far from me.


When I seek spirituality

as a way of salvation and peace

for my conflicts,



and deviations

the eternal soul,

even understanding, moves away.



When I seek the power of magic

dominating the ether

travelling through the astral worlds,

collecting visions

and suprasensations

like a pirate adventurer

dominating the subtle seas,

the eternal soul sighs, patient.


When I empty myself

of moral rules,

of concepts and classifications,

of the desires of being

anything else

and I finally get in touch

with what is most true in me,

the eternal soul welcomes me

in its infinite tenderness.


And I, tiny as a grain of sand

in the desert of this world,

I no longer seek the word,

nor the thought,

nor the feeling.

Because the eternal soul

cannot be defined: it simply is.

And we are ONE.

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