New eyes disclose a different world

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We perceive what we think. Everything we see reflects the meaning we give to things. The world which we might think of as a reality and outside of us, is, in truth, the mirror of our mind. And since our thinking process happens in our mind, the world shows us our spiritual state of being.

If a world of disease, suffering and death is not what we want, we must transform our mind. To do so, an inner way is necessary.

Can we really believe that everything we perceive now is the creation of a loving and almighty father? Is all the suffering in the world God’s work? Who would want to turn to such a god? Our mere longing for what we really are, for the source of our being, shows us that our joy and our peace lies where our longing comes from. The eternal love cannot have been created by this world. Therefore, this love will lead us away from the illusion and to the self, which we are in truth.


It has become clear to me

God is the source of truth. Something has stirred within me that I would like to call transcendence, God. It shows itself unexpectedly. I see the source of my longing in it. I surrender to it and thereby my identity changes. It gains new form from this source. Out of this newly acquired state I say: Behind the world which is subject to the fluctuations of suffering and joy, there is another world, in which peace, joy and constant transformation rule. Our world is as real as we make it. I experience it as a deceiving veil, but also as a beacon.

It develops at every moment through a mind that thinks differently than God and which has not yet found the sense of its existence. Such a mind produces thoughts that are separate from the source of life. This source allows all paths, including the mind, to create illusions and create a world separate from the Source.

Our ego thinking system is experienced as a separate entity. However, since separation is an illusion, this is also true for the ego itself: It is maintained through the belief in its reality. Our visible body is separated from the other bodies – this is what our sensory organs tell us. It is the expression of being separated. Our mind is tightly connected with this. The perception of the ego thinking system consequently experiences that which is visible as the truth. This will change when our consciousness is embraced by the source. Then we shall change our mind. We will then experience the interplay of everything in the one life.

It is a mix up of cause and effect to believe that our perception is a consequence of what really happens in the world. It is the other way around: the world shows us the pictures in which our mind lives. The ego thinking system can strive to improve the world and one’s own life. The world will always show itself according to the standards that are used. The “upside down” thinking will always confirm itself. It will always be right with what it has been shaped.

For me, peace and joy are God’s truth because they have arisen within me in the course of my inner path. Along with them, there is the experience that life, although it shows itself in many different aspects, is one. The attachment to separation has become an illusion to me. True perception is the type of seeing which goes beyond what our physical eyes show us. It goes further, it looks at what is behind the veil of the forms. Or, in other words: It unveils the meaning of the forms; it looks through them, understands them as signposts to the other world in which the true identity of things lies.


The true perception

As long as we want to be right in what we think and see, no spiritual transformation is possible. For every thought leaves its effect in our inner structure. This effect is a crystallization, which leads us to circular reasonings.

That's why thinking needs to be flexible and always renewed. This becomes possible when we move towards the source of life. The changes which then happen, do not mean that we have to achieve something. They mean that “something” within us wants to manifest itself, something that we do not yet know, but we feel close to, however. We can admit this new aspect, we can give it some space. We can open up for the unknown, which wants to transform us from within. We are the receivers of that which comes from the Divine – we are not the makers. Doing and judging, separated from the divine origin, has generated the veils which prevent us from recognizing the light. We can let these veils be dissolved. The path to do so is prepared. It begins with the fact that new senses are stirring within us. They ask us: Do you want to keep your judgements or are you ready to step aside, so that something deeper can light up within you?

We are free in our decision because love without freedom cannot exist. If we want to keep moving in the world of illusions, we crucify the Light. Even illusions need a creative light. They use it. From this point of view, also the light awaits for salvation. But nothing can be forced. The “plan of salvation” consists of us awakening from the dream. Each willingness to give up thoughts of separation and to let the all within us ignite, will be joyfully used by the Holy Spirit, the renewer of life. It rectifies our mind by revealing our true identity. The Light of the original source will then fulfil our consciousness. We shall see the world differently. We shall see how the Light is active everywhere. The Light looks at itself through us. The world experiences itself anew through us.

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