Longing for life and for light

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Grass grows in the cracks between the individual elements. Obviously. Grass grows everywhere. Grass is one of the many kinds of weeds. The Department of Public Works has not had the time, or has not seen the need, to get rid of it.

Culture needs maintenance, continuous attention, while nature naturally and seemingly without effort reveals itself. For weeks bulldozers, trucks, asphalt paving machines and steamrollers are busy to make a smooth road surface and of course grass grows there again.

Nature is always victorious. That is humanity’s lot – this tension between nature and culture

Nature takes good care of us. The green that provides us with new oxygen, we remove to create ample space for carbonate producing cars. Is it perhaps intrinsic to human nature to make his life on earth impossible? The human being tries to make nature subservient to himself, and as a result puts himself in bad situations. However what one hears so often as ‘back to nature’ is no longer a choice. The calling of the human being lies higher, farther, and more grandiose – above nature!

In spite of its delicacy, grass grows in the most barren and desolate places. It doesn’t need to be especially pampered, as in minutely cared for English lawns. It does not judge; it grasps unconditionally every possibility to grow. It grows therefore often in places where it is not appreciated. Still it grows and grows and forms seed and multiplies itself.

It holds a mirror up in front of us: ‘Grasp unconditionally every chance in life, irrespective of the presumed perspectives!’ That is a different angle than ‘look before you leap’, like most of us were raised. It germinates, sprouts and blooms in the unconditional now. It cannot be more simple. Where the human being is concerned: that needs a good amount of courage; the spirit of an adventurer.

A germ of life that is just as foreign to mortal man as the green grass is to the drab asphalt, is situated in the heart of the human being. Urged by this one the human being again and again turns to culture. He tries to bring his world into harmony with it and strives for perfection, for a form of paradise as he thinks it should be. The purpose of nature however is not to be cultivated into a paradise-like state. Its only constant is: change. Nature only forms the context wherein the human being is given the ability to become conscious of his inheritance and to disclose it. It is the germ that must germinate, not the nature-born man who should be improved. For this is necessary: the Light from the original, heavenly field of life.

This Light is omnipresent and wishes to make itself known in each human heart.

If you truly look for liberation, you will have to use every crack in the armour of your self-maintenance in order to let the Light in.

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