LOGON and the way of the One part 2

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We can be open to life, to the one life and we can integrate soul dimensions into our knowledge. “When no longer numbers and figures are the keys of all creatures, when those, who sing or kiss know more than the scientist”, was a rhyme of Novalis 200 years ago. The One continues to have its effect. Scientists explain the outside aspect of things; in order to grasp their inside and particularly the consciousness, they need a soul perception. We can dedicate ourselves to its development.

Centuries ago people suffered from the sinister side of nature. By means of the mind, they wanted to get it under control. Today the sinister comes towards us in the effects of our technologies. Once “mother earth” was almighty and now our own creations are. Who would like to think about the effect of an artificially liberated radioactivity on the earth, the nature realms and our human consciousness? Who can understand to what extent the efforts to unite man and machines will affect our identity?

That which was too big to understand has changed its face. Thereby new insight is now possible. What confronts us in such a sinister way, is what we have created. They are the results and consequences of our mind. Our motivations, our innermost striving, all this faces us in the worldwide nets of technologies. With everything that they enable us to do, we remain imprisoned in them, we are even threatened by them. Might it be that our desire for self-realization goes into a wrong direction?

Our creations seize us. Was it not so that once the original spirit drowned in his creation of man, that it was seized by it, so that the earthly ego could develop? Now it is starting to have human traits. It is again time for liberation, but in a new direction.

The One helps us here, too. In our present need, an impulse goes forth from it. The consciousness can turn towards it with a certain courage. It can take the hand of that which is ungraspable, bow towards that which goes beyond our mind. The Logos serves as a mediator, if it awakens within us.

We talk about the era of communication and information. A new kind of communication and information is possible, and also a new kind of thinking. Besides the horizontal and vertical directions, a new thinking can develop which opens up the innermost core of being human.

The kind of communication, which develops from it, can become a communion, a fellowship, an approaching of two poles, namely the transient and the intransient aspects of our life. And the information which flows, will lead to a new form in our inner being, a new form of consciousness. This is a transformation process. We are awakening from what we have made ourselves to be.

Apparently, we had to face technology in a threatening way in order to finally be able to win. The One is also within us. Yes, it is “us” in our innermost core.

Sensory organs, which are focused inward, can develop. A threefold mind leads us to an immediate understanding.

Goethe writes about Johannes Kepler:

Kepler said: “My highest wish is to become aware of the god, that I can find everywhere in the outer world, also inside, within myself.” The noble man felt, without being conscious of it, that at that moment the divine within him had a most precise connection with the divine in the universe.

(Maximes and reactions (no. 8))

In another text Goethe said: „What would a god be who would only thrust from the outside!

This is where there is a way, a way out of our present situation. The divine in the inner core of man wants to get into touch with the divine of the universe. Thereby, the knowledge of the world and the knowledge of ourselves become one. Let us struggle for it! Or, in other words: Let it happen!

The Logos within us will make the impossible possible. LOGON would like to continuously tell you about it.

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