Sacred Earth

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This text has been read during the event “24h of meditation for the Earth” in Toulouse. This action, also happening in other cities of the world, aimed to remind us of the sacred nature of Earth and to invite decision makers of the world to adopt a new posture for the future.

"One day, a child came towards me and asked:
- When I will be older, can I live wherever I want?
- Of course, did I answer to him, the Earth does not belong to anyone. Everyone is free to discover its beauty and to settle wherever they want.
But while saying that, I wondered if it was really true. I thought that there were some places on Earth that I would not recommend for living. Conflicts, geopolitics, destruction of ecosystems, resources predation, pollution and climate problems have led to insecurity for many people, causing forced migration flows that had not been witnessed before. Nowadays, we cannot tell a child: you are free to go wherever you want on Earth. The Earth has become a property, a private space, coveted or sometimes deprived, abandoned. 
But does the Earth belong to us? Has it become the fridge of humanity? How do we conceive our living place?
The blue planet – hoping that it will never become the grey planet – is a living organism. It is endowed with sensitivity, nerve endings, vital fluids, lungs, a magnetic and beating heart; it is an animated body. It breathes, it moves, it gives life and it fully carries ours. What would we be without it? Who feeds us? Who welcomes us? Who protects us from cosmic radiations? Who is the place of our lives, our projects and our civilizations? 100% of what we undertake is possible thanks to the Earth, even sending a probe to the edge of space.
The Earth is our sister.
Are we made from a different material?
The atoms that make our bodies up and those from the Earth come from the same stars. The basis of living organisms – hydrogen, oxygen, azote and carbon – is star dust. We share with our planet the same heritage. This atomic unity that is intrinsic to our constitutions, stands for more than a simple scientific data.
The Earth and humanity are one. Their fates are inseparable. That is why we cannot think about the future of man without thinking about that of the Earth.
Following this path, we can elevate our vision far beyond external appearances. Is man only a body? A psyche? No. He is also a spiritual being, possessing in his heart a fragment of light, a germ of immortal life. If the Earth and humanity are one, then, our planet also possesses all those dimensions. It is Earth, but it also is celestial-Earth, generating from its central sun the life that has no end.
Life is sacred.
The human being is also sacred.
So is the Earth.
It is our very conception of the living that we need to reinvent. Man carries all aspects of the Earth within him. According to the consciousness that moves him, he is the witness of our planet’s greatness.

I am the Earth.
I am the oceans and the valleys.
I am the mountains that rise to tickle the sky.
I am the rivers that wind through our lands.
I am the rock, the sand and the earth.
I am the sky, the clouds and the wind.
I am the fire that swarms in your entrails.
I am the flowers, so beautiful, and the animals, so diverse.
I am the men of all people and of all ages.
I am the Aurora borealis that enlighten our skies.
I am the soul of the world that welcomes and comforts.
I am the swarms that light up our souls.
I am the living spirit that burns in your heart.
I am the Mother of the living.
I am the Earth."




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