Portrait Old-Young

Heritage, Transmission, Life

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The high values that inspire our inner work along the way, are more than philosophical or esoteric ideas. They are tangible and transmissible, because they come from hearts and heads that have took its course in the past. We can be grateful to all of the inspired souls which worked tirelessly to lead us to the awakening of the human consciousness. The generations of pioneers that have generously made the ways we follow today. They opened the hearts and minds to the universality of the Gnosis. How should we think about this treasure, this magnificent inheritance?

We have no criteria - and so much the better, to measure our own effect in this world.

But we may be aware of what we have received; and be able to transmit this intangible treasure.

When someone leaves his fleshly sheath, he leaves us with a part of his qualities, ideals,or the essence of his connection to the Spirit, at the level he attained. Yes, the soul of the blood that was freed, is transmitted exactly as an inheritance, around the deceased, in favor of those who are still alive in matter and who will be in need of it.

It is in the form of an impulse of strength or words of truth. We are not always aware of it, and slow to seize this subtle matter or making it flourish. Yet it is our spiritual heritage. So, if the reality is at the individual level, conceive of how it should be at the collective level!

Now, what is the place of such a transmission?

Then, where does the secret ceremony in which we are ennobled at the highest values that the fraternity of light has collected and kept it for us,takes place? Wherever, if not in the heart of the temple? Wherever, if not in the silence of contemplative souls?

Yet this strength is for ALL and not for a few.

We must then, in our turn, pass it on and offer it to everyone. It is not incumbent upon us to accept or refuse this vocation. A treasure of light that we have received is our tribute. Living in spirit is then to accept that we have as a task, mission and responsibility, to transmit in our turn.

Think of traditional societies where the elder (sometimes the circle of elders), hold the knowledge and the magic. He is its guardian until a new generation is able to take on the responsibility for inheritance and transmits it wisely. It is said in Africa that “when an old man dies, a library burns to the ground.” But we are the transmitters of the pure strength that the divine force sends into the world, for the souls entrusted to us. We must lead them to the transmutation so that nothing disappears.

By the awareness of the received inheritance, by means of the strength transmitted by our brothers and sisters on the spiritual path in all times and places, we play our part beside them in spirit. It is also the jewel we get in return. Because "Give, and it will be given unto you ..." is an undoubtedly true rule, but it is also the manifestation of a cycle: a gift engenders another, in a nourishing spiral of joy. We are spiritually both heirs and donors. This is how we are placed at the heart of the impersonal and brotherly life.


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