North Pole

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Our planet earth seems to have completely lost the north recently. It is as if it has become rudderless and has gone roaming. At least that is what scientists claim without having a conclusive explanation.

After all, they have established that the earth's magnetic pole has been shifting rapidly from Canada to Siberia in recent years. And moreover, it happens on average every 200 to 300,000 years that there is a pole reversal, and the north and south poles switch places. The last time this reversal occurred is about 700,000 years ago! Other research shows that, precisely in such a transitional period, the power of the magnetic energy field of our planet decreases drastically. This magnetic field protects us against the influx of high-frequency cosmic radiations, which are extremely harmful to our physical functioning; they are a severe threat for life and can cause our planet to become uninhabitable.

And we haven’t even yet mentioned the threat of climate change, partly caused by human intervention.

Everything indicates that life on earth is at a tipping point. From the past it has been shown that during these transitional periods, life has always undergone major changes, and this has always brought about corresponding changes in our collective consciousness.

It seems that this is about to happen again - but it does not have to be the end of time as doomsday pessimists announce. Because while worldwide cosmic influences apply, influences that we as human beings must irrevocably react to, we still have a free choice: do we cling to the old structures, or are we opening up to new ways of living?

As in a habitual reflex of fear, we might try to cling more closely to the well-known and familiar patterns of our earth life. But these earth patterns are at the same time always changing, alternating between rising and declining, and now they want to lead us again back to the beginning of life, back to the original starting point.

Meanwhile, the intercosmic field of light is calling to us at the same time, offering everything to push us as humanity towards a great quantum leap, to raise the level of frequency vibration of our consciousness in such a way that we can be totally renewed.

It is therefore urgent that we design a new and more adapted body vehicle, to drill a light shaft with it, lifting us far beyond the influences of our old planetary life, and to thus ascend through the Saturn gate of time.

After all, waiting is no longer an option, and it is high time to start living differently, and to lift ourselves and our planet into a higher field of life. For it has long been said in the sacred language that all creation eagerly awaits the manifestation of the Sons and Daughters of Light.


Reference: This article first appeared in Pentagram 2019 number 2

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