Sea and sky

Welcome to LOGON

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LOGON is made for people who ask fundamental questions about their lives.

It is for those who are seized by a dawning realization that there must be something beyond a career, beyond ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’, daily chores and hardships. Like a view from a mountaintop, LOGON explores a new perspective of the development of the human being and the changes in the societies of the 21st century emerging in art, science and religion.

LOGON is for people seeking for the meaning of life.

We publish articles from many authors, countries, world regions and backgrounds who have been touched by these questions. Their contributions are inspired by their search for “the meaning of life”.

Who is man?
Can life ever die?
What is the immortal aspect of man?

Questions like these have a universal dimension. There are no quick answers based on a fixed viewpoint. Such questions are like doors leading to the innermost core of our being. And there are many doors leading to this core from many different directions. Inner experience and realization urge us to change our actions and ultimately shape the course of our lives, our beliefs and encounters.

We hope that LOGON can add something to your life, inspire you to ask new questions and fuel your search for answers. Your feedback is welcome.

The Editors

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