Sea and sky
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The law of cause and effect is deeply planted into the activity of our mind as the conception of the past moving through the present into the future. But there is a possibility of unprejudiced…
Ätherisches Doppel
About the etheric double of the human being and the relation between the organ donor and the organ receiver
The life ethers of the donor’s organ are still vibrating according to their own…
Path CRC
Christian Rosycross is the one who "attaches the eternal rose to the cross of transience". He is the one who has the courage to lose himself in order to find his true self. The Rosicrucian…
Harry Potter
The struggle enters into broader dimensions, Voldemort spreads into the fields of the conscious and unconscious. So Harry has to go through serious crises, in the course of which his awareness…
Bridge to Hogwards
The extraordinary, that which transcends the limits of the normal, brings to mind the hidden from the border areas of consciousness and unconsciousness within us, and this is especially because the…
near death
What can we learn from near death experiences?
The human being is not only a physical body, but he is also a multi-dimensional being. During the dying process, it is essential for our own real…