I'm just passing through

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Everything in life would be much easier

if I thought: "I'm just passing through".

Days of hard work would be much lighter.

Diseases would appear much less serious.

Concerns about family would decrease.


"I'm just passing through!", I'd say to everyone.


Then I'd be able to observe other passengers around me

and I would realise their shoulders curved

under the weight of the days.

And I would be able to have mercy of them all.


My wishes would also be much simpler

because I would be "just passing through”.

And so, I wouldn't need much to live.

Then I would be able to listen to the voice

that speaks softly inside my heart:


"You are just passing through!".


Time is nothing before eternity.

Things and people only have value

when they bring the symbol of the new soul.

And that symbol is very easy to recognise:

people who carry it  know that

"me" is just passing through

and that only true being lives in eternity.


Then I would smile and say: "I'm just passing through!".

And I'd be able to know that he,

the true being,

is strength and power,

and that he is who drives me

until the (good) end.

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