Aspects of the Spiritua Path

Aspects of the Spiritual Path

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At a certain point in our lives, when we are faced with doubt and questioning, we are confronted with the alternative that can become a necessity, to follow a spiritual path. But what awaits us and where do we begin? What are the steps that separate the project from the realization of such a path? How can we measure the determination and perseverance needed? Let us briefly look at the indispensable elements and the qualities we will need, and let us try to clarify the paradox of an individual path of liberation which, in order to reach a "good end", must be part of a collective process.

As a preamble to these reflections, we would like to recall a few important points. All those who aspire to a certain purification can receive, without distinction, the strength and light of the spark of the spirit. But since we are dealing with an "alchemical" renewal, that is to say, a reprogramming of the entire human system, it is the fire that must act within us. Indeed, although the atmospheric ether fire envelops our planet earth and is present everywhere, it manifests itself in a dispersed form, not strong enough for a renewal at the individual level. We are talking about a fire linked to Creation, to the Logos, which is sometimes called the 5th ether. In order to receive and convert the powerful force of the Ether-Fire, it is necessary to place oneself in a forge, a place where this force is concentrated. This is the reason for the existence of spiritual schools and the work of those who animate them and enliven the place.

There are many other reasons for operating with the help of a group, and it is no coincidence that ancient initiations had recourse to collective structures. The obstacles are so great that it is difficult or even impossible to overcome them alone. Of course, a group united towards the same goal in a common orientation does NOT guarantee the success of the self-liberation process, but it does make it much easier. However, when we talk about realizing a spiritual path, it is not only a question of changing certain aspects of the personality, but of CREATING and BUILDING a body capable of receiving fire and light!

To achieve this, all the tools at our disposal must be used.

We know a number of things. We know that consciousness determines the quality of our life. Any fundamental change of situation in individual or social life is only possible through a prior change of consciousness. However, our current consciousness passes from a synthesis of past experiences to a projection into the future, without being able to stabilize itself in an open, enlarged present. New life is only possible if consciousness is deeply rooted in the here and now. It is the heart that is the source of all strength and the door to eternity. We must, therefore, connect ourselves to this "consciousness of the source" which gives access to the knowledge of universal laws and allows us to live without fears and projections.

The main obstacle on this path is the ego, our self-affirmation, our tendency to accumulate, to preserve, to want. It is also intellectualism that pushes us to judge, to categorize, to classify, to take sides, to reject. We often try to circumvent a true and indispensable work on the ego by various means such as self-control, unmasking the unconscious, or meditation, but this only delays the possibilities of a radical change of consciousness and the dissolution of this ego. For let us be clear: it is not a question of fighting it, a fight lost in advance because we have identified ourselves with the ego for thousands of years. Only the forces of light and fire can gradually push it back to a secondary place, while the voice of the soul will take the very first place We can then tune ourselves to the qualities of the astral sphere of the divine world. The characteristics of this astral sphere are purity, serenity without attraction or rejection and out of all temporality. Little by little, it becomes possible to connect to it in an almost permanent, continuous way.

We can distinguish three successive stages. The new consciousness of the HEART gives access to a new breathing, to an opening without emotions. The new consciousness of the HEAD allows a superior understanding, the acceptance of the divine plan, of the principle of cause and effect as well as a vision of the spiritual development. Finally, there is a new consciousness of the physical body, when each organ is invested with new impulses and forces, able to receive fire and to live from it. It is easy to understand why this vast program is not suitable for the greatest number of people, and why only those who have reached a dead end in this world can find the strength to envisage such a process.

The right way is to be a living being, one who is alive in this world but no longer "of this world", in the sense of being identified with the forces of this world and under their control. This is what we call a liberating path. Let us add that the true dimension of this work is an offering of love. It is a revelation for many to discover that the spiritual path is not for oneself !

To conclude, let us try to evoke the future of our humanity. Our contemporary world is 'following its future', progressing more or less on the scientific, technical and genetic levels, and in the inevitable disorder of contradictory political stakes. It is from within that system that it must be transformed, as it is within ourselves. Seeds of light are penetrating it, and judging by the number of people sensitive to the need for a change in life, to a desire for self-liberation, a profound mutation is taking place before our very eyes. Today, many of us seek to emancipate ourselves from technological slavery and doctrines concerning medicine, social integration, the quest for normative happiness.

We can clearly see which values are of prime importance for the younger generations: solidarity, ethics, sharing, benevolence, reasoned consumption, the predominance of affect and communication.

There will soon be no more significant separation between different life choices, gender choices, opinions, because it is spiritual awareness that will make the difference between beings! Solidarity will arise from the unity of souls and a great number of radiant lights will allow, beyond the chaos on the surface, the building of the new spiritual reality.

The world cannot be saved by the soul of this world, but by far superior forces coming from the Logos, from the divine Creation, and to which we can relate. In short, let us seek "the highest" and find it, where it resides. This is how clairvoyance, spiritual autonomy and awareness of the sacred can be born, grow and remain in us as renewed soul beings.


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