The mind lies

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It would be so simple to just let the heart speak. 

It is the door to intelligence which goes beyond any known thoughts…

A profound feeling

A truth so true

An unquestionable truth

Without doubt

It is the truth which simply IS

...while the mind betrays us with fragments of memories, translated into satisfactions and dissatisfactions, traumas and moments of joy.

The mind lies. It questions, it always occupies itself and it worries all the time, in its desperate movements, in search of some confirmation… or could it be confusion?

A thousand voices…

Millions of questions

Without getting anywhere.

What could the filter of the mind be?

That which we know as real?

We come to the question:

Wow! Do these thoughts even come from me?

They seem to have their own will!

Even if it might seem to be simple to think with the heart alone, the mind interferes like a knife, cutting off, severing, all that flows from the heart.

An unnatural mechanism that blocks what is natural.

Oh mind that lies

Lives in a fierce lion

Ravishing its own heart

Oh mind that lies

Triumphs in the animal

So concrete

So real

So instinctive

Reacts to all that sees

Reacts to all that feels

Reacts to all that hears

Oh mind that lies

If you lie, then what is real?

The touch of the paws and claws in the ground?

What makes the lion question so much?

Oh mind that lies

The lion has realized that it cannot fly

It cannot feel the glory of being in the air

Oh mind that lies

Having devoured its own heart

It has nothing left but to think.

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