Forgiveness - A Ritual of Liberation

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Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet gives to the heel that has trampled it.

Mark Twain

Forgiveness is a conscious, liberating act of love that begins in one's own being, and brings deep inner peace. The secret of healing and redemption through forgiveness can only be truly unlocked and finally experienced when we have matured to the awareness that we carry two souls within our bosoms, one of which is earthbound, the other heavenly in nature. We are not material beings having spiritual experiences, but spiritual beings gaining self-knowledge on the material plane.

The heavenly Self waits in infinite patience for the earthly human being to open up to it in order to recognise his true, spirit-soul identity. At the same time it awakens in him the memory of that task to which he is ennobled since birth, and which he often completely forgets during his physical existence. In deluded ignorance, our earthly ego daily crucifies its eternal self, seen from a spiritual perspective. And yet he is forgiven, as Jesus Christ forgave his executioners on Golgotha with the words: ‘Father forgive them, for they know not what they do!’

Forgiveness also means surrender. This refers to the voluntary surrender of our earthly personality to our indwelling eternal soul core, in which, and through which, the cosmic Christ impulse can become liberatingly effective. Our lower self still lives under the Old Testamentary laws of Moses, while our heavenly self, awakened in Christ, gives itself in freedom to the perfection of humanity and the healing of this world.

"Forgive before the sun sets"  - Hawaiian proverb

One must learn to forgive in the here and now, so that one can receive forgiveness and liberation. Forgiveness is a liberating and all the lowly transforming force flowing from the love stream of the Christ Spirit. Only when we recognise this Christ impulse, the only-begotten Son, and are prepared to hand over the guidance of our destinies to Him, can the transformation to the Only Good also take place through us.

The greatest power in the universe is Love. It rejects all complaint, all guilt, all inferiority and hostility. Love sees what is common and purifies what is divisive. The highest commandment on the way to being accepted in the matrix of all-embracing love is: hurt no one!  Forgiveness is also able to liberate our self from the supposed ‘role as the victim’ that constantly torments us, and with which our ego likes to clothe itself.  

This requires deep insight from our higher, transpersonal consciousness. Only when we have recognised that people from our personal environment, such as parents or siblings, partners or friends, have not deliberately hurt us, but acted according to their current state of consciousness with all its individual limitations, can we overcome victimhood within ourselves through a fundamental forgiveness. The healing impulses are liberating and lasting both for ourselves and for all those affected.

Forgiveness resolves all conflicts

The human being is a social being, and without the healing powers of forgiveness, the individual human being and the human family cannot maintain themselves or be capable of truly living and developing. Judging or bearing grudges has an insidious poisoning effect on the individual, and the community. Forgiveness is, as it were, a purification ritual in which one's own destructive behaviour patterns, misunderstandings and outdated beliefs, are dissolved. In true forgiveness, the act of overcoming ‘self’ takes place, which makes a reconciliation possible, free of any reservations. In this self-surrender to the higher person in us, we allow the Christ-power to become effective in and through us. Only there do we draw from the source of all mercy and unlimited forgiveness.

True forgiveness always has a sacrificial character. It is borne by alert inner activity. Along with the decision to forget the wrongs done to us, we at the same time take upon ourselves the obligation to make amends for the damage that has arisen from the dissonances we created, and which have caused harm not only to us, but also to the matrix of life. With forgiveness, we return to the world the powers that were robbed from it by the strife in which it was bound.

"Love your enemies!"

In the awakened soul-man, the word forgive encompasses a constant willingness, borne of love, to pour oneself into the world in a general absolution. The preliminary stage of this ability, which grows out of the Christ impulse in us, is expressed in the word forgive, which is related in essence to renunciation, and which means a voluntary rejection of all endeavours that emanate from our lower, opportunistic ego. In forgiveness, we are also given the draft of forgetfulness, which means a lasting liberation from all karmic fetters of mutually burdening disagreements.

Problems are raised before us on our life's journey so that they may teach us to grow. People we see as our enemies because of conflict, are actually our friends, as they give us the impetus to expose the shadows still hidden within ourselves that have contributed to the creation of disharmony. If we are prepared to cleanse our outer life situation, we can also change. Therefore, Christ's word: "Love your enemies", is a sure signpost into a higher octave of life in which we can merge into pure soul consciousness.

With each act of forgiveness, man unleashes a part of the world's karmic field, which permeates our atmosphere with a dense network of iron necessities. He thus opens the door to the higher Christo-centric field of force from which flows the grace that transforms necessity into freedom.

The "only-begotten Son", the immortal soul, can break through even the most fatal, self-deprived fate if we entrust ourselves to it. This is the forgiveness of guilt that can erase karma through love.

To understand everything is to forgive everything

Each of us is a part of this world. When we change, the world changes as a result. The first step to forgiveness is to develop understanding, a non-judgemental acceptance that allows all diversity to come together in a higher octave of being, beyond the separation consciousness of our ego nature. In this way we grow towards the experience that everything is connected with everything else in a common matrix of unlimited possibilities, and an understanding of all different expressions of consciousness and individual life. From this realisation arises the readiness for tolerance and forgiveness. The reach of forgiveness, however, is unlimited and permeates all cosmic and microcosmic levels, as it works from a transpersonal, Christ-centred consciousness.

The highest level of forgiveness is fulfilled when a soul entity awakened in spirit takes upon itself the karma of a human being or group of human beings, as exemplified by Jesus Christ in the Mystery of Golgotha. Carrying the karma of all of humanity in its evolution, is a never-ending gesture of forgiveness, which, according to Rudolf Steiner, the liberated being of Christian Rosenkreuz also took upon himself, to keep open for us the path to the realisation of the transfiguration into a spirit-soul-man in our time.

The inexhaustible power of love of the cosmic Christ-Spirit is also able to reconcile the cosmic opposing powers of Lucifer and Ahriman from their division, and finally lead them out of their fatal imprisonment into redemption. Lucifer and Ahriman cannot free themselves by their own power: Lucifer, the "beautiful appearance", the earth-volatile seducer, the phantasm and imitation; and Ahriman, the earth-addict, who reveals himself in the forces of matter, in material science and its technology.

When man recognises the Christ impulse in himself and engages in its universal wisdom, then the great miracle occurs. All Luciferic forces in his own microcosm, and in due time, also all of those in the macrocosm, can be redeemed in the act of love and forgiveness, and Lucifer, as a light bearer, rises to become the servant of Christ. The redemption of Ahriman becomes possible through a human community that lives and works in harmony with the redeeming Christ power.

Thus we understand that forgiveness is a spiritual-moral force that serves the realisation of the Christ Impulse in our present humanity. In the living confession, "Not I, but the Christ in me", the sacrificial walk is transformed into a humanity-liberating walk of joy.




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